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Former members of Minor Threat, Fugazi and the Evens deliver a bracing blast of moral, melodic US punk. Ian MacKaye, his Fugazi bandmate Joe Lally, and his Evens bandmate Amy Farina make up Coriky. Formed in 2015, they did not play their first show until 2018. They have recorded one album, this self-titled debut, where each of the musicians share singing responsibilities. They hope to tour.

Straight from the lead track, Clean Kill, this is unmistakably the work of Ian MacKaye. It’s probably closer to The Evens than to any of his other projects, but with more of Fugazi’s grit in the mix. Essential vinyl.

Clean Kill

Hard To Explain

Say Yes

Have A Cup Of Tea

Too Many Husbands


Last Thing

Jack Says


Inauguration Day

Woulda Coulda

Dischord Records


12 Jun 2020

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