OZRIC TENTACLES Sliding Gliding Worlds


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Remastered double LP edition of the Ozrics classic fifth (originally cassette only) album from 1988 pressed on heavyweight (180g) vinyl.

On Sliding Gliding Worlds, Ozric Tentacles developed its sound away from Gong and Steve Hillage influenced Space Rock towards a complex, melodic blend of experimental Space Jazz and ‘world music’. Standout tracks include the powerful Kick Muck (later re-recorded for Pungent Effulgent), the Afro-Beat flavoured White Rhino Tea (a new version appeared on Strangeitude in 1991), and Guzzard (which recalls the band’s earlier work with its dense mix of stabbing guitar solos and synth swirls).

Yaboop Yaboop
Soda Water
The Code For Chickendon
The Dusty Pouch
Sliding And Gliding
Kick Muck
It’s A Hup Ho World
Atmospheric Underslunky
(Omnidirectional) Bhadra
Fetch Me The Pongmaster
Mae Hong Song
White Rhino Tea
Loaf Jaw
The Green Island


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