VARIOUS Greater Manchester Punk Vol 1: 1977- 81


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After being unavailable for years this is a part of a final and very limited (300) edition repress on aquamarine vinyl of the Greater Manchester Punk 1977-81 compilation. Includes fanzine. The album brings together fourteen rare and previously unreleased punk and post punk tracks from the more obscure original Manchester bands of the time. The majority supported established acts such as the Buzzcocks and Joy Division and some went on to form legendary bands in later eras (MIKE JOYCE, THE HOAX).

In the spirit of the DIY ethos of the punk era, most were recorded in small studios and released in limited pressings and have become a must have for the discerning punk collector. On it’s initial release In 2015. GMP was a compilation of the week on Lauren Lavern’s BBC6 music show.

“Ranging from The Still’s crunchy power-pop to the Class Of ’77-esque nihilism of Mike Joyce’s pre-Smiths combo The Hoax, the music contained within is always solid. Pure Product’s angular, XTC-ish Rejection and V2’s genuinely edgy Nothing To Do have, however, retained the ability to genuinely startle”. (Record Collector )

V2 – Nothing to Do
The Reporters – Office Staff
Elti-Fits – Going Straight,
Pure Product – Rejection
The Panik – Modern Politics
The Enigma – Play with Fire
Steroid Kiddies Accidents
The Hoax – Storm Trooper
The Critics – Without You
The Change – Where Were U Armed Force Popstar
The Still – 9.5
Fast Cars – Kids Just Wanna Dance
The Things – Pieces of You

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