WIRE 10:20 [RSD 2020]


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Originally scheduled for RSD 2020. Recorded in 2 sessions – one relating to Red Barked Tree but recorded in 2010 and another relating to Wire’s latest album Mind Hive released in 2020. The album divides in to two halves – the 2010 side & the 2020 side – hence the title.

‘Boiling Boy’ has gone on to become perhaps the most played Wire song ever. Throughout the ’00s, it became one of the acknowledged highlights of Wire’s live sets. ‘German Shepherds’ is another late ’80s Wire song that has developed a second life on stage. ‘He Knows’ was developed back in 2000 when Bruce Gilbert was still with the band. This is the only studio recording to have surfaced. ‘Underwater Experiences’ has never sounded quite as it does here.

‘The Art of Persistence’ was previously only available as a rehearsal room run-through. ‘Small Black Reptile’ originally appeared on the band’s 1990 album Manscape. Of all the re imagined songs on 10:20, this is the one that has travelled the furthest. ‘Wolf Collides’, with its warm synth tones and spindly lead lines, sounds as if it deserves to be sitting regally on side two of 1978’s Chairs Missing. ‘Over Theirs’ is the climax of the continuing reassessment of Wire’s 1980s output. Its true power had never been properly harnessed in the studio – until now.

10:20 is that rare thing: an album that not only serves as a must-have for long-term fans and completists, but paradoxically also the perfect introduction for anyone new to the band.

2010 SIDE

Boiling Boy.

German Shepherds.

He Knows.

Underwater Experiences.

2020 SIDE

The Art of Persistence.

Small Black Reptile.

Wolf Collides.

Over Theirs

Pink Flag

19 June 2020



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